Christianity Facts

This is a summary of truths about Christianity, explained for my simple commonplacing and your public consumption. Consult my method to see how I built it.


  • * This thing is currently a work in progress, so I’m trying to organize it. You can see where I’m at right now on it.
  • XX It’s a “live” page, but is in no way really done.



Christian Disciplines



Advanced Christian Disciplines

The Future


My Testimony/Story


Why this site?
  • The world of Christianity is far more pronounced than simply its cultural institution. It represents ideas that then express onto the world.
  • While I have my bias, I sincerely believe the stupid discussions about Christianity are severely misplaced due to misunderstandings about what Christians believe.
  • My aspiration is to give the most accurate, clear lens of Christianity possible, given my limited experiences. Like The Bible Project, but with fewer words and very few images.

What’s up with the logo?
  • It’s a visual representation of TheoLogos (TL), mixed with Jesus’ cross, representing the absolute simplicity of being a Christian.

Who are you, anyway?

I’d like to use some of your content.